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I Love You / Aroha atu, Aroha mai by Lonnie Hutchinson
Lonnie Hutchinson

I Love You / Aroha atu, Aroha mai

"A bright and beautiful declaration of love transforms this parking building in Manukau, with words shining in colours of the rainbow."

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This neon artwork adds a sense of wonder to the Manukau landscape, turning one of its most functional buildings into a monument dedicated to love. Artist Lonnie Hutchinson has adorned the outside of this humble car park in the town centre with two declarations, one in English and one in te reo Māori. Beaming in bright colours of the rainbow and attached to two external stairwells, the artwork reads: I Love You on one side, and Aroha atu, Aroha mai on the other, reminding members of the community that they are welcomed and included. The Māori proverb, 'aroha atu, aroha mai' means 'love received, love returned'.

The rainbow-inspired installation has several layers of meaning. The colours of the rainbow symbolise inclusion, freedom, peace, love and harmony. And in traditional Māori culture, āniwaniwa (rainbows) are a portent of future events.

Hutchinson’s artwork is accompanied by another rainbow-inspired artwork from Reuben Paterson, called Me Rongo / Walk in Rainbows. Together they are known as Night and Day, with Hutchinson's neon installation representing the night and Paterson's honouring the day.

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Ronwood Ave carpark, Manukau

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